Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Genre Assignment

I am looking for reference for my genre assignment for Vin DeFate’s class. I want to do a slick, which is a 2-page spread for a magazine story. You know, the romance short stories in the 7 sisters magazines of the 60’s: Better Homes & Gardens, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, Ladies’ Home Journal, McCall’s, Redbook and Women’s Day. I remember as a teenager gazing at these images in my mothers mags. Certainly had something to do with my unrealistic impression of romance. Then the feminist messages appeared and boy was I confused. I probably still am!

Anyway, much research to be done and many, many sketches. Hmmmmmm, maybe 50?

See some samples below. Could I ever be that good?

First two images by Lorriane Fox who was a close friend of Murray’s. In fact, I believe it’s the back of Murray’s head in the second image (See the back of Murray’s head in class photos earlier in blog!). Carol and Murray own that original.
Next two images by Don DeMauro and Frederick Varady.


Q. said...

You bet you can be that good. They just have a decade or so in front of us to get going...but you can do it.
I love your blog. You have such a lovely way of telling the story that it is a nice way to look at the program etc. Yes, you will dream your illustrations and find yourself gazing at water and at the way shadows hit the plasterwork in your house and plan to draw or paint it. Your life is about to be a virtual reality show called "Linda morphs"-- and what a happy morph it will be. You are the best.
xoxo Q.

Leif Peng said...

Hello Linda;

I found your blog this morning as I began doing some online research for an interview with Murray. I'm wondering, did you get these scans from my Flickr archives? If so that's fine - please feel free to do so. In the future, however, if you'd be so kind as to let me know and include a link and a credit line back to my blog and/or archives, I'd greatly appreciate it.

If they came to you from a third party, please let me know who is distributing them.

Thanks - Leif :^)