Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New York Readiness

Am I ready? Just as I experienced the weeks before our July meeting time, the anxiety and insecurity are back. It's the personal battle of "am I good enough." Then the lecture to myself runs its course and I am fine. After all, anxiety and excitement produce the same physical response from the human body. So, let's just say I am very, very excited (hmmm, and a bit nervous)!

My papers were fine. Had fun completing them. When the visuals are added, all the thoughts come together. Always that way. The pictures and the words together make the strongest communication. That might be my art directorness training coming through. We bring all our life experience to the work we do.

So, am I ready? Of course I am. I have my trusty, inexpensive Kodak camera that has taken me through my travels to Greece (islands and architecture) and Mexico (radish festival, butterflies and whales). I have my genre piece (almost complete, hope it dries) and I took the reference phot0 for it with the Kodak. It's all about the light and if you can create dramatic light that helps tell the story (pictures and words again) you've got great reference.

After talking to Bill Thompson about my "inspiration breakdown" I have once again been drawn to the world of fiber. Wise man Bill said, "think of things that you know well, love or are fascinated with." So off I went to the NY Sheep and Wool Festival in the lovely Rhinebeck, NY area. It is so beautiful there and what an inspiration of all things fiber. I took many photos (reference with the good ol' Kodak) and hope to get some sketches and thoughts on paper. Life is good.

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