Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New York, New York

Arrived in NYC on Sunday by train. Had a nice ride with roomie Jackie, unpacked and went out for a walk to enjoy the nice weather in the city. Roomies Lori Anne and Q got in and we all went to dinner with some of the 2nd year boys that were also in town. Ended up eating at Brooklyn Diner near Times Square. A little too touristy for me, but had a good salad and enjoyed the company.

Monday was all business and I was relieved to have my genre piece reviewed and accepted. Now, move on to the next assignment which will be a New York experience piece. Also another paper from one of our lectures this week. Steve Brodner and Leo & Diane Dillon were our Monday speakers. Fabulous stuff, lots to think about and write about already. Had a great dinner of Indian food at Nirvana. The Grand Union Hotel is great and we are laughing ourselves to sleep.

Today we were off to Brooklyn to the Lewin's beautiful brownstone near Pratt to see their studios and learn how to light a reference photo with dramatic shadows. An adventure just getting there on the trains. Ted is working on pencil sketches for his new book about the horse stable in Brooklyn that has been there a very long time. It's as if he writes a documentary for kids about this wonderful place and its characters which includes the horses.

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