Monday, March 16, 2009

San Fran, MFA Day 1 — a dream day

Found a great Italian cafe around the corner, a fresh breakfast sandwich and Lavazza coffee. Boarded the bus in the rain at 8:30 for the ride to Jane Eisenstat's house to view her private collection. The 89 year old (mother of our faculty member Bunny Carter) and her late husband, illustrator Ben Eisenstat, have collected for years. The work is hanging all over the house, stored in boxes under the bed and stacked in the many flat files. Check out the pictures posted here! An amazing experience because unlike a museum, we could touch them, take them off the wall and take them outside to photograph in natural light! A dreamlike experience!

After lunch, we headed out to the offices of Communication Arts for a tour. Now, understand I have been a subscriber and a fan for my whole career as a graphic designer and this was very exciting for me. The editor, Patrick Coyne, hosted our group giving us a tour and a history lesson in the company his father (a graphic designer) started 50 years ago.

Certainly a dream day for me. My heart and mind are filled with much joy.

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