Thursday, October 15, 2009

Maine and thesis photo reference

In early September I spent a week in Maine at a 100 year-old cottage that I won in a silent auction at a local fundraiser. The area north of Freeport, between Brunswick and Rockland, has many peninsulas reaching south into the cold Atlantic Ocean. South of Damariscotta, straight down on Rt. 129 at a place called Christmas Cove, this cottage sits on a rock facing east to Johns Bay. In the distance, a view of Pemiquid Point and beyond that, the famous Monhegan Island. The sunrise with coffee (and a heavy sweater) on the screened-in porch was both serene and energizing all at once.

On this peninsula of Bristol, at Hatchtown Farm, live Pam and Jim Child. Check out their web site. They came from New Jersey in 1993 to make their hobbies into their livelihood. Sustainability and good husbandry practices are top priorities on their farm. They raise Coopworth sheep, pigs and a variety of heritage breed chickens that lay the most beautiful eggs in tones of light blue and peachy beige. It was here a few years back in their fiber studio that I bought my first sheep fleece to learn how to spin on my new Louet spinning wheel.

On this visit with friends, we toured the farm and learned more about the many hours of hard work and dedication it takes to run a small farm. I took many new pictures to use as reference for my thesis project.


Chad Grohman said...

Great shots!

peg nocciolino said...

Linda, I agree...great shot! Can I have permission to use the pig at the water fountain? He's great!!