Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Pasadena Assignment

While in Fort Worth, Texas for my MFA week we presented our assignment from our trip to Pasadena last November. We had a lecture at the beautiful Castle Green which is a historical venue for filming, weddings and events. Also, there are apartments in the building. I managed to just catch a shot of a Castle Green dweller as she whisked out the door to walk her dog. I thought the contrast of the old Victorian architectural details and the funky manner of dress was especially interesting. And, moving from that darkness to the California light is a breath of fresh air.

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Chuck Primeau said...

I like so much about this. The composition and color are great. I especially like the way the highlights in the gray area to the left are all you need to define the door, door handle and hall. The dog's wistful glance back makes me smile. Great Job!